Bikini Toppings — A Taste of the Beach hid in the Old City

In the Jonker Street, you could be exciting for an abundant variety of shops and peddlers. However, the blazing heat of the sun and the massive crowd will make you wanna escape to a cooler place and rest your feet.

Instead of leaving Jonker Street immediately, you can visit a great spot which can cool yourself off in this old town —— Bikini Toppings!

Bikini Toppings is a local eatery that serves coconut desserts as the main attraction. It started operating since 2013 and it has earned its fame among locals and tourists in all these years. It is also listed as one of the unmissable places when you travel to Melaka!

Other than the desserts, the shop has a style by which you can reflect the beach, and its name literally implies that as well. You can feel the ‘sea breeze’ here without having to go to the seaside.

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Now let’s have a look of the main characters of Bikini Toppings —— a variety of desserts, snacks and drinks which have won the hearts of the people from different places.

Original Coconut Shake

The signature drink that’s mixed up of coconut juice, coconut flesh and ices. A simple combination that brings the most refreshing taste that can prevail in the summer heat.


Vanilla Coconut Shake

Adding the vanilla ice cream on the foundation of coconut shake…ta-da! The classic Melaka Coconut Shake with denser and sweeter taste is done!

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Coffee Coconut Shake

The encounter between coconut shake and coffee ice cream has brought us another brand new drink. Fresh coconut taste and coffee flavor just fit so unexpectedly well!

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Coconut Jelly

The jelly that’s made of coconut juice and coconut flesh slice has been one of the best sales of Bikini Toppings. Just enjoy it when it’s straight out of the fridge!

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Bikini Ice Cream

You will be pampered by the ice cream selections here which include coconut, chocolate, strawberry, yam and so on. Besides that, you can also choose a topping from peanut crunches, chocolate chips, raisins, longan and others. In the end, covering it with a load of coconut flesh. This would be so satisfying.

Bikini Crunch

Homemade cookies by the owner. A bite will be followed by crunchy sounds and overwhelming tastes of chocolate chips and almonds.


Bikini Spread

The toasted sandwiches with garlic butter spread on the outside and melted cheese and ham in the middle will make you hungry instantly.


Bikini Waffles

The golden-coloured waffle served with ice cream, the sweetness that will never go out of style.

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Bikini Toppings
Contact: 012-316 6426
Operation Time: 10am – 6pm, 10am – 5pm (Wednesday), 10am – 4pm (Thursday)

In addition to the above, there are still a lot more desserts and snacks like Bikini Juice, Bikini Bite, Bikini Wrap…all are worth a try from you!

You will be liking the unique delicacies and the intimate owners as soon as you walk into the Bikini Toppings. Don’t forget to ‘check-in’ at this dessert house when you come to Jonker Street next time.

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