Blackboard Café Sungai Long

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the Blackboard Cafe next door to UTAR Sungai Long. As the name implies, Blackboard Cafe is related to Blackboard.

When customers step into the Cafe, they will see Blackboard on the wall with some draw of cartoons of childhood, which will instantly make people feel a sense of happiness.

The current owners are not original, but have recently taken over the restaurant. On the day of the interview, the boss told us that this cafe was in line with her dream. Because her dream was to open a cafe where people could feel relaxed and comfortable.

Then when she just made up her mind to find a cafe to start her own business, she saw the information of this Blackborad cafe for sale. Maybe this is the fate, so she bought this cafe a month ago and officially ran her dream!

Various Choice Of Food

There are many types of food in this cafe, but most of them are western food. Pasta alone has several flavors that are less available on the outside, such as tomyam pasta, pesto pasta, pasta with salted eggs and so on, each with its own unique flavor.

Ham & Cheese Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti (鸡肉肉酱意大利面)

Chicken Tomyum Spaghetti (鸡肉冬荫意大利面)

Bacon Aglio e Olio Spaghetti (培根蒜香橄榄油意大利面)

Smoked Duck Salted Egg Spaghetti (熏鸭咸蛋意大利面)

In addition, in response to requests from nearby students, the owner offers a few food with large portion in the menus.  Such as pan-fried chicken with pasta or fried chicken with pasta, as well as large portions with rice and so on.

Grilled Chicken Chop w/f Fried Rice (香煎鸡扒配炒饭)

Other than main dishes, the cafe also provides some snacks for customers. The snacks ordered by more people here include mini tuna steamed buns, french fries, cheesy wedges full of cheese and so on. Almost all of them are delicious!

Mini Tuna Buns (迷你吞拿鱼馒头)

French Fries (炸薯条)

On the side of beverage, she is very proud of their milk red bean ice. It look very beautiful and after you drink it you will immediately fall in love with this cup of sweet but not greasy milk red bean ice.

In addition to red bean ice, there are some fruit tea, flower tea, juice and other drinks for you to enjoy.

Red Bean Milk (牛奶红豆冰)

Orange Juice(橙汁)

In a place where the environment is so comfortable and the service is so considerate to have a meal or a rest, the single “cool” word is not enough to describe. Ask your friends, family and relatives to experience it together!

If you are the member of Victoria Home you can even get a 15% discount in the cafe.

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* In addition, this cafe is looking for employees, so if you are interested in applying for a job, you can contact this cafe for details, whether it is part time or full time.

Blackboard Cafe