Dining In The Dark KL

The concept of “dining in the dark” has long been popular in foreign countries.

Dining in the dark is to let people leave unnecessary restraints during meals. Open up the visual influence, use the remaining taste, smell and touch, and really feel the taste of every food. In 2012, Malaysia also opened the first restaurant of the same concept – Dining In The Dark.

Experience the feelings of the visually impaired

Not only that, but the concept allows us to experience the feelings of the visually impaired and the dark life that cannot be seen. The waiters here are also a visually impaired person. They are the only ones here because they are already familiar with the “darkness”.

They can give help to the guests when they are eating, and lets the guests understand the meaning behind the concept.

In addition to dining in the dark, customers must leave their gadget at the front desk before entering the dining area.

Tasting food in dark environment

Dining In The Dark serves a 4-course Fine Dining menu to guests, including appetizers, soups, staple foods, and the last dessert. The guest has no way of knowing in advance what the name of each food is, and will only be informed after the meal is over.

In the absence of any knowledge, guests can only feel each dish by feeling.

Of course, you can tell them in advance which foods you can’t eat, or vegetarians will be taken care of.

And the entire 4-course menu only needs RM130+, and if you want to add the wine pairing menu only RM189+. The price is very reasonable!
Moreover, the menu will be changed every three months to ensure a better dining experience for the customer.

This special restaurant concept not only brings a different dining experience to the customers. Also brings a stable quality of life to the visually impaired person, giving them a special “light” in their dark life.

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Whether it’s a birthday dinner, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion, Dining In The Dark is the perfect spot for it. You will have an unforgettable memory!

Dining In The Dark
Contact:03-2110 0431
Operation Time:6PM – 9:30PM, Closed on Monday