Lee‘s Kitchen – Hokkien Mee (Halal)

You may have eaten countless different styles of hokkien noodles, but you have tasted a 90 – year – old time honored and reformed hokkien noodles? Let me tell you in secret this hokkien mee can be found in Kuala Lumpur.

This restaurant is located in Desa Pandan, it is a new branch founded by the fourth generation of Kim Lian Kee, the name of this new restaurant named “Lee’s Kitchen”. In order to let the friends of all races in Malaysia can taste their unique Hokkien mee, they specially modified halal version of Hokkien mee! Other than their signature Hokkien mee, they also provide others delicious food such as Thai chicken rice, Spaghetti Bolognese, Yu Kong Hor or their snack, Fried mushrooms.

Lee‘s Kitchen
Contact:03-2858 3655
Operation Hour:everyday 11AM – 11PM

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