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An impressive and unforgettable cultural experience – “Encore Melaka”

On July 1, 2018, the long-awaited “Encore Melaka” theater and performance officially open its door. The theater is located strategically along the coastline of Malacca and only 3.5 km from Jonker Street in the city centre.

The “Encore Melaka” theater was designed by Wang Ge, the chief architect of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., covering 15 acres of a vast piece of developing land.

The unique arches are made up of 400,000 aluminum-plastic panels and thousands of LED scales. The theater building is inspired by the cloud and the ocean, symbolizing the beautiful encounter of movement and peace. This modern style is truly impressive and spectacular.

The “Encore Melaka” theater is not only the largest theater in Asia. It has a 360-degree rotating auditorium that can accommodate more than 2,000 spectators. It is also well-equipped with innovative and amazing stereoscopic light projection.

Not only that, The “Encore Melaka” theater also have multi-platform stage hydraulic system design, advanced lighting technology and audio equipment.

The “Encore Melaka” theater has since become the city’s landmark, standing on the beautiful Strait of Melaka.

Encore Melaka
Encore Melaka

Use 2 years to understand on the background and stories of Melaka

Wang Chaoge, the main director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, spent two years studying the history, culture, traditions and residents of Melaka. With deep understanding on the background and stories of Melaka, she finally presented this world-class performance called “Encore Melaka”.

Many stories that are gradually forgotten is reiterating in this 75-minute magnificent performance. It is including the story of the early navigators, the followers of the Zheng He diplomatic mission to Melaka, the aboriginal settlements and the cross-cultural encounters. Through beautiful songs and spectacular dance performances, this ancient city is alive with multiculturalism, harmony and beauty.

Another spectacular highlight of the stage play is the usage of multiple languages throughout the show. The narrative is present in English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, local dialect and Portuguese, leading the audience through different periods of the state and truly reflecting the core values of harmony in Melaka.

Encore Melaka

“Encore Melaka” is also the first show of the Impression Series to be based outside of China. Melaka stood out and won Wang Chaoge’s first large-scale situational experience drama project outside of China among the 150 participating countries in the selection process.

Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, three world-renowned Chinese directors created this impeccable Impression series in 1998. Their artistic approach and incredible talent have transformed China’s natural geographical landscape into a marvellous performance venue.

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