KL Hidden Cafe – 8Haus

Hidden cafe in a very old residential area. What stands out on their simple and plain white wall is the name of the cafe – 8Haus. 

The interior design is styled with a retro-industrial concept which is structured with cement bricks and black steel. The style and design give customers a sense of peace and relaxation.

8haus serves Eastern and Western cuisine. One of its chef’s speciality is【Halves’ Chicken Platter】, a half roasted chicken. The chicken is well roasted having its skin crispy on the outside and its filling juicy and tender on the inside, on top of that it is spread with a simmer of their homemade special sauce. The meat itself brings out a sweet aftertaste and it’s even perfect pairing it with salad and rice as its sides. 

【Shrimp Soup Linguine 】is another signature dish. This dish is a combination of pasta and soup cooked with shrimps, serve alongside a piece of pork chop sprinkled with sesame.

Last but not least, 【Plum 8】is the signature drink that cannot be missed in 8haus. It is a mixture of a few different ingredients, none other than sour plums with a dried tangerine popsicle in it. This is the perfect drink, especially during hot weather.
No matter whether its environment or food, 8haus cafe is an incredible place.

Business Hour: 9am – 11pm (Sun – Thu) | 9am – 12am (Fri – Sat)
Tel: 03-2110 0887
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CZnwtcUk2os
Event Enquiry: +60 12-988 3685 (Jacky)