Oscar Coffee & Food @ Kajang

Still wondering where to hang up with your loved ones this weekend? Oscar Coffee & Food certainly will be your best choice!  Oscar Coffee & Food is a cafe that is situated along Jalan Mendaling. It is established by coffee enthusiasts who aim to serve the locals with a unique coffee experience. Who would have ever come to their mind that there is a coffee cafe that combine Japaneses element in the busy area like Kajang? 


Photo source: @aaron26mathew (Instagram)

It is a seldom seen cafe that’s well paired coffee with Japanese dishes together. Despite the cafe is newly launched, but everything serves here especially their roasted coffee is excellent.

Stylish And Classy Environment


Photo source: @oscar_coffee_food (Instagram)

The environment of the cafe is stylish and classy. The interior presented a homey feeling with some Japaneses and modern decoration such as classy furniture, Japanese wooden door and bamboo curtain all around the cafe. Moreover,  the calm and minimalist ambiance of the cafe will absolutely encourage you to occupy your time by just hanging around there, enjoying a nice and warm cup of coffee with your loved ones. Not to mention, Oscar Coffee & Food is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot!

Chef with 20 years of experience in Japanese cuisine


Photo source: @oscar_coffee_food (Instagram)

What place this cafe so unique to be recommended would definitely be they serve scrumptious Japanese cuisine in their cafe instead of common dessert and Western cuisine. The cafe is led by a 20 years experience chef who is well trained in serving Japanese cuisine.

In additional, the cafe serves an array of delicacy Japan-inspired cuisine. Everything serves here gives an excellent mixture of conventional and contemporary taste. The food here not only palate pleasing , the presentation is also aesthetically satisfying. So be prepared for your camera whenever you are here!


Photo source: @oscar_coffee_food (Instagram)

The highly recommended dishes by the cafe is Salmon Sashimi. The sashimi offers here are in generous portion. The sashimi will definitely never disappoint your taste buds. Not only that, each of the sashimi pieces is evenly slides. Their texture is worth mentioning, they are rich, thick and tender. It will instantly melt in your palate the moment you placed it in your mouth. Although the price of cuisine served here is costly, but you will definitely obtain the taste and ambiance that you pay.


Photo source: @oscar_coffee_food (Instagram)


Photo source: Oscar Coffee & Food (Facebook)

If you are not fans of salmon, you are strongly recommended to give a try on their Udon series.

There is an array of Udon are served in their cafe ranging from Mushroom Udon, Tempura Udon, Kitsune Udon, Kamo Udon and Yasai Udon. While if you prefer to try something that is different from usual, you can try out on their Signature Yasai Udon. Yasai Udon is a type of soup Udon that serve cold with a chilled sauce. The flavour of the sauce is amaze and it definitely blends well with the slides green onion and seaweed that are sprinkled above of the Udon.

A premium cup of specially brewed coffee.


Photo source: Oscar Coffee & Food (Facebook)

Beside that, you should never miss out Oscar Coffee & Food, if you are an enthusiastic coffee lover! The barista of the cafe desire to serve you a premium cup of specially brewed coffee.

If you are bored with the usual coffee like Americano, Espresso or Macchiato, you can take a sip on their specialty Nitro Black. The aftertaste of coffee is totally differs from the mainstream coffee that you taste daily. The taste of the Nitro Black is mind blowing. You can taste both bitter and sweet aftertaste at them same time. The combination of  bitter and sweet aftertaste gave two times satisfaction while you are having it.


Photo source: Oscar Coffee & Food (Facebook)

Beside that, a big shout out should be given to their Signature Nitro Black. It is a cold coffee that rarely seen serving in cafes out there. The signature Nitro Black is served by well brewed the premium quality of coffee beans and brewed with the nitrogen gas.


Photo source: @mycafechecklist (Instagram)

So, do drop by Oscar Coffee & Food this weekend with your family and friends! You would certainly won’t feel disappointed travelling over there, if you are searching for unusual cafe hopping experience.

Address: 15, Jalan Bukit Mutiara 1, Mutiara Heights, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Operating Hour: Everyday 11AM–11PM