The Best Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar

Chicken Curry is an amazing dish by itself. The tender chicken pieces cooked in an array of different spices and cream creates a fragrant dish that is a delight to the tongue, when paired with rice, bread or anything that soaks up the gravy.

Bread, on the other hand is a versatile and delicious carb that can be made into anything the heart desires. Chicken Curry Bun is what happens when you put a delicious, creamy and spicy dish along with soft, white bread.Chicken Curry Bun, is chicken curry wrapped in paper and wrapped again with bread dough and baked to perfection.

Yau Kee Restaurant was founded in 1983 by Yau Hong Wah and has been operating ever since. It is a two lot corner restaurant located along Jalan Idris. One part of the restaurant is air conditioned and the other section is not. This is to suit customers who prefer a non-smoking or smoking environment. Yau Kee Restaurant is the first shop to start selling Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar.

The Best Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar

In the course of over 30 years, Yau Kee Restaurant has improved their recipe to serve their customers better each time.

The bread is extremely soft while the crust is a golden brown, making it a perfect pair for the curry inside.
The curry is cooked with an abundance of spices to get the flavour and consistency that is just right. One small Chicken Curry Bun is big enough to feed at least two to four famished adults.

The Chicken Curry Bun comes at a cost that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as well. One small bun is priced at RM 36.00 and one large bun is priced at RM 57.00, which is quite a steal to be honest.

The Best Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar2
The Best Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar3

Yau Kee Restaurant offers more than just the Chicken Curry Bun.
The famous dishes include Herbal Chicken Bun, which is the less spicy alternative to the Chicken Curry Bun, for those who can’t handle spicy food.

Other than that, they also offer Curry Mutton Bun, where they replace the chicken with pieces of mutton. However, if you choose to order this, they recommend you to call them in advance to order, as they do not make Curry Mutton Buns very often.

Other than mutton and chicken, Yau Kee Restaurant can make you Curry Prawn Bun or even Curry Crab Bun, but this is only available through pre order by calling them a few days in advance. Apart from Curry Buns, they also prepare noodle and rice dishes, seafood, pastries and snacks like the Chicken Biscuit, egg tarts, Kaya puffs and a lot more.

The Best Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar4

Yau Kee Restaurants Chicken Curry Buns and its different variants had gotten recognition from a lot of different media platforms. From TV shows, newspaper features and countless blog posts about this delectable dish.  

Apart from Yau Kee Restaurant, Chicken Curry Bun can also be found in other restaurants here like there’s Kam Ling Restaurant, Jia Kampar and CB Kampar. However, according to the locals and many other reviews and obvious factors, Yau Kee seems to hold the winning title on the best Chicken Curry Bun in Kampar. 

So head over to Yau Kee Restaurant with your loved ones to enjoy the Chicken Curry Bun amongst all the other dishes they offer along with a beer or two to call it a day!

Yau Kee Restaurant
Adress: 55 & 57, Jalan Idris, Kampung Masjid, 31900 Kampar
Operating Hour: Mon – Sun ( 7am–10pm )
Contact: 605-4651738