The Rum Bar KL

Werner Kuhn, founder of The Rum Bar KL, has said that Rum is a hidden treasure that has not been discovered in Malaysia. Now The Rum Bar KL, located in Changkat Bukit Bintang, gradually becoming the places that local and foreign Rum lovers that love to visit. The Rum Bar was created in 2017, it features more than 300 rum labels from around the world, including a wide variety of classic, old, rare and limited edition wines. The Rum Bar has the largest Rum wine collection in Asia. From The brands you know well to those you have never heard of, it will be The most surprising discovery for those who love Rum.

Fashionable And Elegant Environment

The overall environment of The Rum Bar is designed to be fashionable and elegant, allowing you to enjoy Rum and relax in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Here, you can specify the brand of rum you want and order a glass or buy a whole bottle. You can also choose a cocktail set or ask a bartender to mix different flavors for you. In particular, there are cigars from all over the place, giving you the double experience of sipping a delicious rum while enjoying cigar.

If you lack the understanding of rum itself, you can also seek the help of a bartender. Anyone who has been to The Rum Bar knows that the bartenders here have a high level of wine knowledge and are always able to choose or mix the right wine for you according to your taste.

Rum Flight (朗姆套酒)↓↓↓

Barrel Aged Rum Negroni v.1.30↓↓↓

Jungle Bird↓↓↓

Flor De Cana Pairing↓↓↓

Matusalem Pairing↓↓↓

Modern Latino-Inspired Menu

There’s wine, and of course there’s food to go with it. Werner Kuhn has created a modern latino-inspired menu for The Rum Bar, inspired by modern Mexican and South American flavors that focus on freshness and beauty. The menu features a variety of appetizers, including tortillas with meat sauce, chili chicken wings with chime and cherry sauce, shrimp rolls with bacon, and Bruce keita with avocado and etc. There are also several flavors of homemade ice cream. The menu also includes a range of barbecued beef ribs, pork ribs and lamb ribs, cooked in a variety of ways that will definitely satisfy you.

Fried manchego cheese↓↓↓

Grilled squid with garlic & parsley sauce↓↓↓

Bacon wrapped prawns↓↓↓

The 'Barbacoa' ribs↓↓↓

If you don‘t want to drink Rum, The Rum Bar also offers  juices and coffee.

Looking for a nice rum after dark? The Rum Bar KL is a place you can’t miss. In addition to the good wine, the food and the warm and thoughtful service are sure to make you linger.

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The Rum Bar KL

Contact:03-2110 3678

Operation Time:5PM – 1AM