The SteakHouse KL

Are you a big fan of delicious steaks? If yes, you must not miss The SteakHouse KL. This restaurant serves the best steaks in Kuala Lumpur, and it is highly recommended among the local customers as well as foreign tourists.

Serve High-Quality Argentinian Char-Grilled Steaks

Since its foundation in 2011, The Steakhouse KL has been serving high-quality Argentinian char-grilled steaks and traditional dishes cater to a unique variety of taste. It is a traditional steakhouse with a warm, cosy and rustic atmosphere which makes the dining experiences even more enjoyable.

The SteakHouse KL has a high food requirement and only supplies Australian certified Angus beef and grain-fed beef. They will use  Josper Charcoal Oven to bake the perfect standard to ensure the deliciousness and quality assurance of the food provided.

Moreover, Angus beef can choose from 4 different cuts and parts such as a medallion, tenderloin, rib eye, and striploin. For grain-fed beef, you can choose porterhouse, T-bone, and sirloin on the bone.

Enjoy the steak at The SteakHouse KL, you are free to choose your favorite beef portion, choose your favorite sauce and potatoes and stir-fry seasonal vegetables.

Steak Bordelaise

This dish is the most precious and tender part of the whole cow, Tenderloin tenderloin. Because it is wrapped in the belly of the cow, the muscles are not moved, so the muscle fibers are not thick. Also, because there is only one small strip per cow, it is “thin and expensive”.

Beef Stroganoff

Not Only Serve Steak

Besides steak, The Steakhouse KL also serve other dishes such as Oven-Roasted Spring Chicken, Iberico Lamb, Live Boston Lobster, Oysters and Crepe Suzette.

Iberico Lamb is the world’s healthiest dish, containing Oleic acid, a good fat equivalent to olive oil, which helps reduce bad cholesterol. Its feeding process is not simple. It is located at an altitude of about three kilometres. It is cool in summer and cold in winter, and the plants grow vigorously.

The air and water quality are not polluted. The lambs are fed with breast milk for the first month. They also will eat a nutritious meal made up of wheat, barley, corn and sunflower seeds. The feed is naturally free of added matter, and the high protein content of the grain feed. And together with the high oleic sunflower seeds, makes the unsaturated fatty acid up to 51%.
Therefore, it is a real sheep that eats well and is expensive.

Iberico Lamb Racks

Iberico Lamb Tournedos

Iberico Lamb Ribs

Spring Chicken

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The SteakHouse KL
Contact:03-2143 2268
Operation:6PM – 12AM