The Whiskey Bar KL

More than 700 whisky labels from all around the world

The Whiskey Bar KL is located in Changkat Bukit Bintang, which was founded in 2010 by Werner Kuhn with his passion for whiskey.

In the small corner of The Whiskey Bar, there are more than 700 whisky labels from all around the world, including old and rare whiskies – Scotch, Irish whiskey, Japanese whiskey, American bourbon and more.

Some of these whiskies come from wineries that have been closed and no longer produce any whisky, which means it is an out of print whisky, or the world’s most expensive whisky.

Not only you get to enjoy these unique whiskies, but you will also be surrounded by these valuable whiskies.

Comfortable leather armchair with whiskey in the mouth

The Whiskey Bar provides a comfortable atmosphere for their customers. Sitting in a comfortable leather armchair with whiskey in the mouth, smoking a cigar and staying away from the bustling streets is just an amazing feeling.

The Whiskey Bar’s wines contain 4-8 single malt whiskies or blended whiskies that brings out the different whisky flavours depending on the ingredients used, in the malt and distillation process.

In addition, the bar serves a variety of food and snacks for customers to eat it while drinking whiskies. Food such as Angus steaks, seafood hors-d’oeuvres and chocolate fondue are available there.

Moreover, The Whiskey Bar uses the Macallan copper ice ball maker which makes the ice ball last longer without melting so easily in order for the customers to enjoy their whiskey deliberately.

The Whiskey Bar has their very own Signature Drink and they are able to customise the amount of liquor to serve a cocktail that suits customers’ choice.

Smokey Chimney

Monkey Blood

If you want to taste different kinds of whisky in a comfortable environment, then The Whiskey Bar KL is definitely worth visiting.

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The Whiskey Bar KL

Contact:03-2143 2268
Operation Time:5PM – 1AM,5PM – 2AM(Fri&Sat)