Top 10 Places to Eat in Jalan Ampang!

Jalan Ampang, or Ampang Road, is one of the more iconic roads in the Klang Valley. Located right at the centre of Kuala Lumpur, the road is home to many major landmarks and popular eateries frequented by locals and tourists alike. This list will help you decide where to set your foot in Jalan Ampang next time when you’re hungry for some quality food!

# 1 Tapak Urban Street Dining A.K.A. Food Truck Park

Deciding your next meal can be a very difficult decision to make. Now you have a chance to take that to the next level by visiting the popular Food Truck Park! Imagine your everyday pasar malam. Now throw food trucks into the mix. Take a seat and mull over the countless choices for food here as food trucks serve culinary delights from all over the world. From Asian, to Fusion, to Western, you get all these and more. Street food has never looked more tantalizing.

Among the popular dishes served here are Nasi Lemak and Chicken Chop Rice. Finish your meal with refreshing beverages such as ice cream floats, ice blended drinks and milk tea. With more than 20 trucks to choose from, grab your buddies along for a night out dining while enjoying spectacular view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

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#2 Las Carretas

Step into the house of great Mexican food, steaks, ribs, wines & definitely margaritas! With several outlets open across Klang Valley, this delightful Mexican restaurant immediately makes you feel cozy and relaxed the moment you step into its premises. Wooden tables and steel chairs occupy most of the space inside, while some extend out to the front of the restaurant to cater to al-fresco diners. The inside is very tastefully decorated with many neon light signs, number plates and the occasional Mexican sombrero and piñata.

The food selection here will appeal to the Mexican side of you that you didn’t know existed. Enchiladas, Chimmichanga, Fahitas, steaks and seafood are just a few among many listed in Carratas’s tastefully crafted menu. The establishment also serves pasta, albeit slightly different from the usual variety. Also, come here during your birthday for a very special surprise!


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#3 28 Fireplace

Located in a strip of shop houses just off Jalan Ampang, 28 Fireplace is an air-conditioned café designed after an Australian theme. Being a few metres away from the bustling main road has its advantages. This part of the street is quieter and offers an unexpectedly peaceful respite from the daily chaos of traffic congestions and honking horns that is Kuala Lumpur.

Set in a modern minimalistic environment, the café offers a good range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options alongside mouth-watering sweets and great coffee. Or simply drop by for brunch and try the popular Eggs Benedict – 63 degree eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce and beef pastrami on a toasted English muffin. The place is also known for its unorthodox beverage creations – one such example being the Firebomb: a combination of coffee and cream soda blend. Prices are reasonable for the portion they serve, which is often enough to share. If you’re looking for a place to sip a hot latte and calm your hearts with home-baked cookies, then give this place a go. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the resident cat, Saturday.


#4 Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery Canteen

This Buddhist Monastery lies just a stone’s throw away from the twin towers. Those who walk pass this place may only see a Guan Yin temple on the outside, but little do they know it is also a place for great food as well. Indeed, for a place of worship, the Monastery serves some really delicious vegetarian food. Be spoilt for choice and choose from a dazzling variety of dishes in a large food-court-like area – all for a very affordable price.

Unfortunately, some of its charm has been lost over the years. Once known for its serene atmosphere, the Monastery has since lost its status as a hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur and regularly sees large crowds during meal times.


#5 Sapore

Sapore is an Italian, Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant located right on Jalan Ampang. The restaurant boasts the slogan: “Serving you Artisan Food and Fine Wine”. One bite of the food, and you can tell the slogan lives to its name. The restaurant’s signature dishes are Roasted Octopus, Suckling Pig, Dry-Aged Grain-Fed T-Bone, Iberico Pork Seafood Paella, Tapas, Cold Cuts, Cheese, Pizza, Pasta, Ibérico Abanico Loin.

Take advantage of the promotions that come by time to time, and get the whole family in for a special treat. It’s hard to find authentic Italian and Spanish cuisine. So when something like Sapore shows up, its best to seize the opportunity and put those taste buds to good use!


#6 Nasi Kandar Pelita

Nasi Kandar Pelita is a Nasi Kandar restaurant that serves Halal, Indian and Malaysian cuisine. The establishment is located in a corner bungalow, opposite Hotel Corus and a short walking distance from KLCC Twin Towers. What’s great about it is that it is open 24 hours. For those who get hungry at simply unexplainable times in the night, this is the place for you.

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#7 Uncle Aru’s Tandoori and Naan

Get the family over for a feast at Uncle Aru’s (succeeded by his son Ravi, who does the cooking himself). Don’t let its humbling looks fool you. This place serves a truly fantastic Naan. The bread is fluffy and fragrant, with every cheesy bite melting in your mouth. The slightly spicy Tandoori Chicken goes well together with it.

To be honest, it tastes just as good on its own. The place gets quite crowded as early as 7pm, so come early if you want to avoid having to wait a long time for your food.


#8 La Rasita

Italian food has been modernized and localized so much that it’s getting hard to identify authenticity in most food choices offered. But La Rasita does things differently. As one of the most well-known authentic Italian restaurants in town, this rustic establishment features impressive décor and a very appealing menu.

The price here is on the slightly higher side, but man are the pizzas worth it! Choose from a variety of pizza combinations, or simply make your own. The restaurant uses wood-fired ovens for maximum crispiness and fragrance. Italian food really doesn’t get any better than this.

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#9 Greenhouse by Muir

Be utterly and truly spoilt when you visit Greenhouse by Muir, a small collection of various establishments for your tasting pleasure. Take a seat and enjoy their delightful selection of Japanese cuisines. The building’s unique usage of glass and wood allow a lot of sunshine to flow into the eating space. Enjoy the free vitamin D while you dine on fresh Japanese sushi and seafood.

If Japanese isn’t to your taste, head upstairs for some Louisiana-style Western food. When you’re done with the main course, take a trip down to their bakery and allow the aromas of marvelous pastries to fill your nostrils. Oak loaves, almond croissants, strawberry buns and more await in this glorious heaven of baked delights.

#10 Suzi’ Corner

Once ranked among one the best places to eat in Kuala Lumpur, Suzi’s Corner is a food court that offers everything from Asian to Western delights. The variety of stalls offer a great selection of tasty food that does not break the bank. However, if you come expecting some heavy ambience and cozy furnishings, you will be disappointed. Suzi’s is known for their food, and not its ‘instagrammability’.

But for the one thing it is known for, it does very well. Try out their famous juicy steaks at the Steak Hut, served with fluffy bread or fries on the side. Other stalls offer kebabs, satay, pasta and a wide range of Indian dishes and breads. Finish it all off with a refreshing iced drink. We couldn’t think of a more perfect evening!